Posted by: facetothewind | December 5, 2010

Requiem for the week

Tom wrapped his truck around a telephone pole this week.
Jan put her cat Cricket down.
My desert marigolds died in the frost.
My heart shrank another size in my post romantic contraction.
Who was that loving guy anyway who always had dinner waiting
and warmed the sheets for his lover? I’ll cook for no one again!
I yelled at a person for not signaling and another one for blinding me with high beams.
I crossed a busy road without looking. Go ahead and hit me and then ask me why.
Thinly tethered to life, each of us will release the final thread.
My wrinkly fingers stumble over the piano keys in the afternoon.
I sing my song, but I leave out the high notes.
Darkness takes over the winter desert.
I switch on the piano lamp and sit in silence,
my ears ringing with one question:
What’s to love about this song?

It was a hard week here in my thorny paradise.

So I became obsessed with this piece of music…(lyrics below). It’s more than just a requiem. It’s a prayer asking for mercy and a hand when you’ve fallen. I’m listening to it over and over with the hope that someone’s gentle face will appear and make my broken heart whole.

mother mary, full of grace, awaken
all our homes are gone, our loved ones taken
taken by the sea
mother mary, calm our fears, have mercy
drowning in a sea of tears, have mercy
hear our mournful plea
our world has been shaken,
we wander our homelands forsaken
in the dark night of the soul
bring some comfort to us all,
o mother mary come and carry us in your embrace
that our sorrows may be faced
mary, fill the glass to overflowing
illuminate the path where we are going
have mercy on us all
in fun’ral fires burning
each flame to your myst’ry returning
in the dark night of the soul
your shattered dreamers, make them whole,
o mother mary find us where we’ve fallen out of grace,
lead us to a higher place
in the dark night of the soul
our broken hearts you can make whole,
o mother mary come and carry us in your embrace,
let us see your gentle face, mary


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