Posted by: facetothewind | December 13, 2010

Cranes, musical trainwrecks and sunshine: it’s winter in Tucson

Been keeping busy in the desert with singing. Here’s a little combo video of the Messiah singalong at Grace to the Nations church in Tucson. It was somewhat of a musical train wreck and one shouldn’t hold the conductor responsible for it! When 2,000+ amateurs show up to sing, it’s gonna be a beer hall event. The soloists were great. My ears kinda hurt after this event. Let’s just say it’s a once in a lifetime event. Part two of this video is of Jean’s trip with me to Mc Neal, Arizona to see the Sandhill cranes. Approximately 33,000 of them migrate to the desert by Bisbee every year. Fascinating to see and hear these prehistoric-looking birds. The photos and video are not extraordinary b/c I’m not really a wildlife photographer and shot it through my binoculars…

Here are a few shots from the rest of Jean’s visit and our road trip. Jean came to see me perform with my choir the Arizona Repertory Singers at the Benedctine monastery in Tucson. The weather has been unbelievably beautiful in the low 80s and of course, sun sun sun…

At the Whitewater Draw wildlife area in Mc Neal, AZ.

We went tumbleweed shopping along the road…picking out the perfect one for size, shape and color. How gay is THAT? It will sit atop the piano at home…

The “clean coal” plant near Willcox. What’s clean about coal?

Then on to Bisbee. Jean had never been to the Shady Dell, and they just happened to have a trailer available at the last minute. So we stayed in the “Royal Mansion” trailer, built in 1951, and watched Betty Boop and Superman cartoons on the old black and white TV connected to a DVD player. It’s such an amazing place – completely transports you back in time.

Shady Dell has an old Valentine’s diner on wheels, so we had breakfast at Dot’s Diner with Jen, the owner. I have fantasies of moving to Bisbee and offering to produce a gourmet supper club at Dot’s Diner…



  1. Really quite lovely all the way around, including the singing of Messiah. It’s snowing here — gack! — we have a couple of inches so far and it’s still coming down. Terribly cold, too, so it’ll freeze overnight. I hate winter!

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