Posted by: facetothewind | January 18, 2011

Best Beanie

Tom Truss has been knitting me a hat and finally it arrived. It is the most stunning beanie one could ever imagine made from what I think is cashmere, angora and chenille. It’s both a winter cap for warmth and a bicycle helmet with all that chenille for padding. I think Tom may have woven in some of his own copper hair strands but he has been unavailable for comment. Thanks, Tom. I’ll treasure this work of art forever…or until I lose it and then someone else will treasure it. (I’m likely to never let it leave my head if it ever leaves the house.) Back off you beanie snatchers.



  1. lovie,

    the blue is channel, cousin of coco chenille, the green is Alpaca cousin of Al Jarreau and the colored is silk and marino wool.

    and you live in AZ so you can carry a gun to protect your beanie

    kisses to your warm head.

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