Posted by: facetothewind | January 23, 2011

Tears for Tucson

I’ve been going to the memorial for the Tucson shootings in front of the University Medical Center several times a week. Namoli and I went the night of the shootings and there were a handful of candles and notes. Now look at it…

I find it somehow comforting to be there. Painful but comforting. I never felt much grief over 9/11 nor when I hear of American soldiers killed in Iraq. Not that they aren’t sad events, but they’re removed from my world. This event hit home for me. Literally.

I wander about the candles, notes and pictures trying not to burst into tears. I find myself sobbing quietly beneath sunglasses and a hat.

For me this scene is very touching because death gives us this beautiful opportunity to get real for a moment. People are quiet, contemplative and respectful. All over town I have felt Tucson to be a warmer and kinder place since the shooting.

And in a time of great fear and impassioned violence, a quiet moment to reflect on love and the importance of what gives life instead of focusing on taking it away brightens the dim view I have of humanity. Loving kindness is after all, the most unique gift of humanity.

And after visiting the memorial, I find myself a little softer and more open to all walks of people. It cracks open my heart and reminds me that we are all in this together. People bond in their grief.

The whole thing will be thrown into the dumpster by the end of the month. Here’s to the enduring message of love. May it last longer than a helium balloon, a votive candle and a stuffed toy. But for now, those ephemeral tokens are doing the trick.

Here’s a video clip showing the size of the memorial…



  1. “We must meet hate with love.”


    But it’s so hard.

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