Posted by: facetothewind | February 16, 2011

This and that

That 100-year record cold we had last week did a number on the cactus in Arizona. It has been a landscaping bloodbath.

The cacti lie all over the place in drooping piles of cactus blood. And it’s beginning to smell.

Cleansing your visual palette from the desert death and destruction….

Larry and I took a road trip to Cascabel and Bisbee. Just before Bisbee there is gorgeous yellow field of ocotillo.

This last visit to Cascabel, the boys they were making beer from ingredients grown in the garden. They harvested their wheat and made amazing calzone. They continue to inspire me with their conservation of resources and simple living. The do it with grace and humor. Evie is one of Cascabel’s rugged and inquisitive thornsprites living (mostly) off the land. He is the full time cheerleader and part time alpha elf always organizing social events, hikes and community projects. Here I caught him in a lovely light…


On the way home, Larry and I stopped at the Triple T truck stop for a meal. I ate there 10 years ago and was astounded by the large portions of fatty foods and its jumbo-sized clientele. Well, what do you expect? It’s a truck stop!

But this time, I was amazed to find a shift in the menu. They offer smaller portion menu items and low cal specials…though even the low cal seems like a lot of food.

We both ordered the grilled herbed tilapia. GRILLED HERBED TILAPIA at a truck stop? Yes, that’s right. The portions were about twice the size and half the price of my other favorite Tucson haunts serving tilapia. I didn’t ask if it was sustainably farmed domestic. I don’t think our waitress, who was flirting with the truckers for Valentine’s day wouldn’t understand…and I didn’t want to spoil her fun. We ate the tilapia which really wasn’t that bad.


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