Posted by: facetothewind | February 28, 2011

Patrick’s update


A moving picture says a thousand stills…

I leave tomorrow morning so this will be my last posting of Patrick. If all goes as planned, he’ll be home on Thursday.


I was trying and capture a shot of Patrick resting (no, he’s not dead!) in the hospital room. He’s actually quite alive and getting better each day. I think he’s getting restless now. There are some small skin rashes re-appearing and we’re hoping it’s not a recurrence of the monster rash from the past. No other news from bedside at the famous SF General Ward 5A where a nurse was wearing a sweatshirt yesterday that said: “SF General: As real as it gets.” How true.

Thurs: 2/24/11

We’re still waiting to hear about the blood cultures…no word on mystery disease. Meanwhile the 2 bags of acyclovir continue to work miracles with him. He’s almost normal now and we’re all breathing a huge sigh of relief. Patrick sits in bed and holds court all day long with his visitors. He’s laughing and smiling and reading. He got a full night’s sleep last night in spite of his roommate’s violent episode and eviction. His temperature is normal and his rash about 80% healed. He’s off the oxygen. He still has headaches though.

I think we can safely say he’s out of the woods and well on his way to recovery. But he still has to be here another week. So he’s going to start going stir-crazy. He took several walks around the hospital and is gaining some strength. It’s very heartwarming to see his recovery and to see how grateful he his to be granted this new lease on life.

Wed: 2/23/11

He was put into a room after 34 hours of waiting in emergency. He got a little rest. I can cautiously say that I think he’s improving. His rash is slowly but surely clearing up, a little sparkle has come back to his eyes. He had a 104 fever last night but it was brief and is now just running a mild fever. He had a shower at last! He’s on his 4th bag of acyclovir and so we think it’s starting to work. I wouldn’t say he’s out of the woods yet but he’s definitely improving. His skin color is almost back to normal and his spirits are good. His roommate is a bit nuts…hey it’s the general hospital. Otherwise I think the care he has been getting has been remarkably good.

He should be here for another 8 days until he finishes the acyclovir.

Tuesday 2/22/11

Patrick is in the hospital in Sf. We spent 15 hours y’day in the ER trying to get a handle on this weird disease he has acquired. It may be an allergic reaction to some antibiotics he was on. We ruled out bacterial meningitis after a CT scan and a lumbar puncture. He still has 103 fevers that fluctuate wildly throughout the day. He still has an intense rash of lesions that have covered his entire body from head to toe. Those do seem to be healing, though. And he is sensitive to light. We’re still pursuing viral meningitis and some sort of herpes erythema multiforma. I think they’re going to put him on acyclovir. Keep your fingers crossed.

Patrick was immensely gentlemanly and brave spending his first night in a hospital. We arrived at 7:30 am and at 10:30 pm they still didn’t have a room for him in acute care. Today they still don’t have a room for him. Such is the public health system. At least he’s covered with Sf’s indigent care program. But that means that there’s quite a bit of humanity going on in the adjoining beds. His next door roommate was brought in and taken out in shackles. Some guy sat in the lobby yelling and various cases of alcohol poisoning, miscarriages, etc., filed through as the day wore on.

We sat in the dark mostly all the day b/c of his light sensitivity, rubbing his feet and listening to soft music to keep him calm. They have him on periodic morphine for the headaches.

Anyway, keep the good thoughts and love coming and know that he’s in good hands with Harry, Jean, Richard and I blazing his road to recovery.


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