Posted by: facetothewind | March 15, 2011

How to become even more frugal than Frugal

Well, it seems the world is coming unglued. Japan is on the verge of a nuclear meltdown. The environment and economies are giving signs of being weary.

And all of a sudden equanimity returns to my life. For the past month there has been bad news every day. But I’ve had no bad news since last Wednesday when I found out I owe the IRS $4,101. Oy vey to that! America will use 60% of it for the military. I’m buying out my land partner of part of his investment. And we need a new roof. So this is going to be a bad year or two for me financially. I’m going to only be able to do domestic traveling this summer. I guess that’s not so bad considering how many people aren’t able to travel at all. It’s looking like Portland and San Francisco by train this summer. I’ll be sitting up in coach class taking Xanax. I’d like to go to Asia this winter for medical reasons and maybe see Sebastian who will be teaching in China. But given my current financial picture, that’s looking a bit tricky.

So how does one become even more frugal? I already don’t have health insurance or a car. And I don’t own an Android phone. I guess I can wash my dental floss and re-use it. That’ll save me about 50 cents a month. I’m really out of ideas on how to save more money. Yep. The well of frugality has gone dry. On a daily basis it would seem I have  a good life. I live in a nice home that is paid for, I shop at farmer’s market on Sundays and sing in choir on Tuesdays. Alas, my life is missing two things: love and a safety net. You’ve heard endlessly about my romantic longings — yeah, yeah I know it’s boring. The safety net…I think this is the one that makes people crazy. People need to know that something will catch them if they fall. I don’t really have the peace of mind to know that this will be the case. And honestly, having health insurance and money in the bank doesn’t really guarantee it either. So I figure why worry about it so much? Trying to stay off the high wire might be a good idea.

I can increase income, I suppose. Anyone need a portrait done? I can do some great portraits of you in your native environment. I may not flatter you with soft studio lighting but I will find the essence of you and your character and express it visually in an elegant and striking way that will immortalize you. Scroll down and buy some photos! Any photo you see on this blog can be ordered in an archival Gicleé print.

* * *

OK, so this is from the NYT Magazine…the spring fashion issue. Now what is wrong with this picture?

Every damn thing. EVERYTHING!!! From bad fashion and hair to false wearable pedigree, to tokenism…EVERY DAMN THING IS WRONG WITH THAT TOMMY HILFIGER AD.


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