Posted by: facetothewind | April 7, 2011

Paris it ain’t

Yeah, so life ain’t all Paris and shit. Sometimes you just have to stay home and fix the roof. This has been my rooftop experience of life for the last week…

Chaos, dirt, tar, blinding sun and heat. I call it my rooftop yoga retreat. Let’s do downward dog now and pick up an 80 pound bucket of Elastek top coat. Stretch those hamstrings now and breath in the tar fumes. Exhale all the stress of the day.

Sun stroke ain’t no joke. Let me tell you…each day after 5 hours or so of this roofing yoga, I come down the 2 flights of ladders and just lie around in dark rooms with the curtains drawn downing quarts of water. It has been enormously taxing for me and I’m not even doing the heavy lifting. Tom, who is 65, has been the one hauling the buckets up the ladders — an extraordinary feat at his age.

Tom is my wacko artist/carpenter friend. He’s pretty much certifiably insane, but in a brilliant way. He’s constantly aware of everything, every sound and the history and science behind all things mechanical. The only thing he’s not aware of his mess making and his affinity for accidents. He’s constantly dropping things off the roof, nearly falling, dripping something all over something, tracking this and that in places I’m trying to keep clean. It would be maddening if he weren’t such a genius.

Here’s the final result. It wasn’t just a quick top coat. We had to raise up all the sunken areas and ponding spots. We had to completely build up what I called the Lap Pool — the area of standing water underneath the air conditioner.

Anyway, it’s not that interesting, is it? But it’s done and now I’m really eager to have our first rain to test the hydro engineering.


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