Posted by: facetothewind | April 21, 2011

Garden explosions

Each year at this time, my cactus garden explodes into fireworks of color. I love watching the sometimes frightful and dastardly-looking cactus send out a bloom shoot.

They do it fast and when the bud springs open, it’s usually only for one day.

The most amazing one is this. The bloom shoot grows out in about 4 days and then the most magnificent flower will be inflated like a pre-dawn parachute catching my jaw as it falls to the ground. I saw it this morning stumbling out of bed and it made me gasp. The courtyard was filled with the sweet perfume of this desert lotus. I don’t know the actual name of this one. If anyone does, please comment. I bought it at a cactus show and threw out the ID stick.


Turns to this…


Turns to this…

And who says the desert isn’t beautiful?

Here’s a poem by my friend January Handl:

On Flowers

So blatantly sexual
erect, jutting pistil
stiff stamen, coated with the
other half of the equation
surrounded by the
vulvic vivid
petals that spiral
senses toward the center
of it all
heady aroma provides
drunken ecstatic
loss of mind

Makes me wanna be a bee.

On Bees

Slow meandering
gentle landing, begins
the dance,
complete focus
of stroke and caress,
lip smacking, tongue probing
tastes of honey dew
full body coating of the
juices of love making
creation is
sending flying a
satiated, heavy-lidded

Makes me wanna be a flower.



  1. I often say I don’t like the desert, but your pictures show me lots to enjoy. I love how the buds look like little dragon heads, and then they burst into these fantastic flowers. I especialy like the pale pink anonymous one, which looks like something from an English garden. I hope you learn the name.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I’ve always said it’s more beautiful because of all the brown. The colors just seem more vibrant next to all the dirt!

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