Posted by: facetothewind | May 8, 2011

The next step

Here are a couple of shots of me singing with the Arizona Repertory Singers. We sang a really tough season this year with I think a few too many tricky pieces to be masterful with them all. I’ll post some sound soon.

Thanks to Jenni Long for the photos.

I’ve decided that the next chapter in my life is going to be food related. I’ve tried music and you know what? I’m a hack. I just will never be a good musician. Not that I haven’t improved or that I don’t love it, but I think one has to realize your creative ceiling at some point or you’re just doomed to always dreaming about greatness when all you can achieve is OK-ness.

Now, I’m not really sure what exactly I’m going to do with food. But I do know that there’s going to be some good eating, some good dinner parties and possibly some food-related seductions. Ooh baby.

So my latest kick is to make my own pasta and so I’ve been watching various chefs and their instructional videos. But I have to say this is the one that I find most amusing. There’s some ditzy blonde chick with a little belly in a tight dress that keeps bunching up talking all Valley. And then notice in the bottom right of the screen there’s a little Down syndrome girl who is making faces and chewing on an empty wine glass. And then at the end, the chef says, “Bona venito.” Huh?


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