Posted by: facetothewind | May 23, 2011

The friendship continues

This is Tom Truss. We’ve been friends since 1992 — that’s 19 years now. He’s probably the most colorful of all my friends. At age 50 he’s still happy to throw on an outrageous outfit and hit the town.

We used to do outfits and characters together in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. We used to go out as Paige and Sylvia the advice ladies. We would set up a card table on the street and order Chinese take out and sit there and give advice to passersby. Well, it was mostly I sat and watched Tom giving out advice.

And hey, we’re still doing drag, albeit parties seem to amuse us for about 15 minutes and I put toilet paper in my ears and orthotics in my high heels.

Tommy loves to dance. He was a professionally trained dancer with Liz Lerman. Last night at this 70s theme party in Austin he found some petite chick who really wanted to do the bump with him. I sneaked out for some cold pizza and respite from the loudspeakers.

Here’s a little video of the party complete with Tom’s bumpy night. Notice how the chick just grabbed on to him…

Amazingly, Tom is also a Shakespearean actor and in fact we went to this party straight from his performance as Duke of Cornwall in King Lear.

Here he is in his own production of Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story today in the park. He did a fabulous job as Peter and then switched roles in a repeat of the show and performed as Jerry.



  1. He is indeed one talented dude!

    I remember well meeting you guys in your sailor outfits in San Diego ten years ago. Gosh, almost 11 by now. We had so much fun. I used to have pix of us but they’ve gotten lost in the movement from one computer to another to another. Alas.

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