Posted by: facetothewind | May 29, 2011

America the free?

After spending the summer in Germany last year, I’ve concluded that America is indeed a police state. Watch this…



  1. David, for anyone who might be reading your blog who’s in the DC area, info on Saturday’s (June 4th) planned Dance Party:

    And people should know that Adam is an Iraq war vet.

  2. P.S. Comment left at Adam Kokesh’s sit:

    Cayle Rose · 26 years old
    Adam, I am several months away from becoming a police officer in my state, Mississippi. I will uphold my Constitution and Bill of Rights. Any law that is against our freedom is no law at all and and therefore I will not enforce it. I hope that more people like me will become a servant of the public; police. Any officer that I see carrying out such actions, I will arrest.
    3 · Like · Reply · Yesterday at 2:53am

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