Posted by: facetothewind | June 10, 2011

Frugal foraging — Day 3: Chinatown

Chinatown: the last of the ungentrified neighborhoods of old San Francisco.

It is a neighborhood with clear boundaries, where a Westerner can go and feel like an outsider…a foreigner in your own country. I love Chinatown because it is not only full of bargains, but it is still full of mystery and intrigue with the strange sounds of mah jhong tiles being played behind locked doors, eastern string instruments played on the streets and smells that you can’t identify. Here you can find endless produce bargains but of course with no guarantee of organics. Today I found 5 artichokes for $1.00 and zucchini for 20 cents each.

Richard introduced me to his favorite eatery: You’s Dim Sum which is in 2 locations. The one we ate at was 937 Stockton. The name has special appeal for anyone who has ever been to New Jersey. Yeah, yous guys.

At You’s you can get 3 vegetarian steamed dumplings for $1.60 and a coconut ball for 60 cents. A cup of tea is $1.00. Total for this lunch: $3.20. The dumplings are magnificent — rice dough filled with spinach and a little bit of egg. We added a little soy sauce and hot sauce. Warm, healthy and delicious.

And finally, See’s Candies. Richard took me to their store on Market at Montgomery where if you buy 2 chocolate pieces for 65 cents each, you can get two samples of their choice of chocolate. Hey, 4 pieces of chocolate for $1.33. Not bad.

Lunch and dessert total for the day: $5.86 including $2 for bus fare.


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