Posted by: facetothewind | June 17, 2011

Behind the scenes here at the blog

Thought you might be amused to know what the readers of my blog come looking for. Here are the keyword searches that led people to my blog. Wow, and I thought it was for the poetry and the melancholic reflections on failed romance. No it was truck nuts and Hitler’s paintings (I’m not making this up)…

nuts 850
truck nuts 548
ping pong pussy 140
facetothewind 111
truck balls 103
truck nutz 65
pussy ping pong 52
thomas kinkade 51
truck nut 43
adolf hitler paintings 43
hitler paintings 42
chartres light show 37
rufus wainwright 36
hitler’s paintings 25
thomas kinkade paintings 25
thomas kinkade hitler 16
truck nuts pictures 15
adolf hitler painting 13
hitler painting 13
pussy pong 13
hitler art 12
david gilmore tucson 10
altocumulus 10
kincade 10
kinkade hitler 10
kinkade paintings 10
cascabel erik 10

And congratulations to my friend Erik in Cascabel who actually rated higher than anyone non celebrity in my blog other than Hitler himself. Seems there must be sumpin going on in Cascabel.



  1. The world is a wild and wacky place.

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