Posted by: facetothewind | June 24, 2011

The Stro is bursting with Pride

I’m still in San Francisco, getting ready to make the transition to Mendocino County to Charlie & Lark’s ranch there. So here are some parting shots of the foggy city.

Photo by David Gilmore

The ‘Stro (Castro) is bursting at the seams on the eve of Gay Pride this weekend. It’s a big to-do in in San Francisco. People come from all over the world. In fact sometimes I just go out and walk the Castro and try to strike up conversations with tourists and offer my suggestions. A couple days ago it was the guys with the middle eastern accent asking me where they could go to have sex. I gave them suggestions, none of which included my pants pockets. I asked them if they were from Israel. “Nope. Lebanon!” Oops. Coulda gotten hit for that faux pas. Then a woman from France was standing right in front of the Castro Theater asking me where Castro Theater was. I pointed up at the sign and smiled without ridiculing her. I remembered all the helpful folks I met in Paris when I was there. I’m not being cynical.

Tonight, my friend Gregg and I went out to stroll the ‘Stro and the crowds were rallying for supper and happy hour. It’s always a fun time to be in the Castro because of how international it becomes. And while we’ve all become so used to gay, gay, gay, these folks haven’t necessarily. Tonight was a special night because the New York’s state legislature approved gay marriage. That is a sign that California is next and better get with the program.

Anyway, Gregg and I sat to watch a very cute busker playing his guitar and violin and singing to the gay masses milling about the streetcar turnaround at Castro and Market. I was certain that he was straight with his music choices being pretty much folk and his plaid shirt and hairy chest. Gay men seem to never allow themselves to be proudly hairy any more. Sad. We sat and listened and chatted with the guy. His name is Anders Ponders (a Scandinavian name) from Minnesota. He got in his car and drove across the country to be here for Pride. Really? He’s gay? So he is. In fact he was soon off on a date with some boy. Oh what is the world coming to?

Here’s a little clip I made of the moment…


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