Posted by: facetothewind | July 11, 2011

The Hat Sisters and food porn

Looking somewhat like the Hat Sisters from the cartoon The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green, Simon and I went to a big party in the Sierras this weekend. No pictures, sorry. Let’s just put it this way: it was a sleepover party. Unfortunately for Simon, the guy in the next tent had sleep apnea and so we lay in the tent giggling at the guy’s horrendously low, erratic breathing noises. It sounded like he was a wild boar eating flies out of the air. It ceased being funny for Simon somewhere about 2 am. I downed a Xanax and jammed some earplugs into my ears so far I think I hit gray matter and so I slept just fine.

Next day we went for a quick hike along the Yuba River. Simo is terrified of heights and so it was a bit challenging for him to scamper along the trail with a several hundred foot drop on one side. So it was then on to Auburn, CA where we saw the following sign. Is it a store selling erectile dysfunction equipment or just a declaration on the part of the shopkeeper for all to see? At any rate, it’s good to know…

This was peering in the window of a photographer’s studio in downtown Auburn. Really? A portrait of a pregnant woman with a baby sucking on his mother’s belly and Faith is the header you came up with? OK, maybe that’s her name. They could have at least airbrushed out her strap lines.

Finally, since I’ve reached the age where food seems to have replaced sex, let me show you a little food porn! Here’s what I made for dinner a couple nights ago. This was the braised chicken with potatoes and olives.

And this was a lovely blended yellow split pea soup with carrots and caramelized peppers and onions with a side of steamed farmer’s market asparagus…

And our last supper together was an orecchiette with an organic tomato sauce I made fresh from cherry tomatoes, garlic and basil olive oil, fresh chard and basil leaves. It’s served with a generous grating of pecorino romano. Bye, Simon. Thanks for the good times this summer. I’ve enjoyed being your pocket chef.

Next stop: Portland on the overnight Amtrak


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