Posted by: facetothewind | July 13, 2011

24 hours in Portland

This is what happens when you let someone else handle the camera. My eyes are closed. (That’s Larry in the middle and Andrew in the back.) But also I had just finished drinking a $5 happy hour Mai Tai at Thatch, the fabulous tiki bar on Broadway in Portland…soon to be featured in a Portlandia episode. By the way, if you’ve not seen Portlandia, it’s a must see. Look for it on YouTube.

Today was a great day and a very Portland day. I cycled over to the farmer’s market and picked up some fabulously expensive veggies expertly grown in organic fields. There’s no doubt in my mind that each plant was treated humanely. Then I wheeled on over to the lunch carts…truly one of my favorite things to do in Portland. It’s a great place to get cheap, good quality international food and go people watching…

I had the coconut soup (fresh and delish) from one of the Thai food trailers. This cost $3.50. No sales tax in Oregon!

Then on back to Andrew’s by bike, but I could have taken the light rail for free because that’s just how Portland is. Public transportation is free (within certain zones). But first a couple observations from the bike path back…

Well, they do say Portland is where young people go to retire.

So, Andrew lives in a misfit building in the Hollywood neighborhood — it’s a 7-story behemoth 1964 tacky-but-solid block of a building. His apartment is perched just above the tree line and has a sweeping cloudscape view from his place.

Let me just say this, Andrew is just a little bit looney. Looney in a good way, of course. He and I sat tonight and watched a ton of vintage Bugs Bunny episodes. It was fun to pick out the classical music references to Chopin, Rossini and Stephen Foster in the score. There were moments when Bugs is side-splitting funny with his cheerful insouciance, goofy intellect and undefeatability. My hero.

A little more about Andrew’s place, though. There’s nothing like the eerie hush of his spooky hallway. It’s very Stanley Kubrick. I like closing my eyes and walking down the hall echolocating my way between the walls.

And here’s why I love Andrew…

Don’t you just love a guy who keeps a mannequin’s head in the freezer jammed in above the ultra chocolate ice cream? How can you not love that? There’s an insane boyish quality about him such that he would actually have one of these…

Andrew is a fabulous conceptual artist who has yet to find his audience. Here is a portrait I took of him in front of an assemblage of 240 antique images of bearded men from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s all lined up perfectly on his wall. It’s both touching and haunting to see the faces of these long since gone men photographed in their prime watching over me as I camp out on Andrew’s living room floor.

Mostly I adore Andrew because he makes me laugh. He is helping me reclaim some juvenile joy in my life.

Thank you, man.



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