Posted by: facetothewind | July 22, 2011

A bit gloomy in Portland

Summer seems to have taken a holiday this year in the Rose City. It has been pretty consistently gloomy every day with just a few hours here and there of sunshine. I have a suitcase full of summery clothes that have gone unused. Oh well! (The view above is from the room where I’m staying at Mikey’s in SE Portland on that weird half hour of sun each day as the bright ball dips below the clouds.) The nice thing about all the wetness is that it is luscious and green.

Portland is lovely city overall. But there are miles of these super-orderly suburbs that are a little on the granny side of pretty. And then there are things people do to perk themselves up a bit in the gray, like coffee served from a hot pink shack in the middle of a parking lot…

And me? Well, I can’t help but feel a little down from the gray. I take comfort in knowing that I live in a sunnier place and that soon enough I’ll be in the maw of the devil when I return to the desert. But still, I find myself a little lacking in that zesty lemonade summer I was hoping for. A year ago I was in Europe, in love, enjoying financial abundance. Everything was fascinating. This year I’m trying to find amusement in America but it feels like I’m trying. I could use a little loving, a little abundance this year. I’ve had almost no work in the last month and everyone I have met on this trip has complained of tight times. Honestly, I think the tightening has only just begun.

Well, maybe the sun will come out tomorrow, Annie. And maybe a unicorn will come and take me on a magical ride to Candyland. Until love and abundance, there’s at least still good food! So here’s a little something I cooked up for Mikey. Pan seared tilapia with a reduction sauce, pepper medley and rosemary potatoes. Yumm yumm! Dinner for two cost $14 with some leftovers for lunch.



  1. Having endured several days of temps hovering around 100 or more in NY, I still do not look forward to visiting Portland in a few weeks. Give me the heat any day! I managed to have a lot of fun in Woodstock and will probably have a lot of fun in Portland as long as I remember to pack my winter clothes!

    Your sense of humor and imagination are inspirational!

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