Posted by: facetothewind | October 31, 2011

Norbert at last

Finally little Norbert consented to a fine art photo shoot. I’ve known the little half pint Garcia since he was a kid — gosh about 9 years now. We’ve lived together and traveled together and I’ve always admired his physical beauty without ever feeling compelled to touch. And I never asked him to consent to a fine art nude photo shoot until recently. He always seemed timid with his body (at least in the presence of someone 23 years older than him) but the past couple of years I’ve seen him grow up and become more of an empowered inhabitant of his flesh. And pretty flesh it is! So I just said to him, “You know Norbert, everyone should be photographed in the prime of his youth.” He agreed. Behold, the boy has become a man. I’m not at liberty to share ALL the photos of the shoot, but I can share these.

Click to see the full detail of each one…



  1. Love the striations of light. Very beautiful.

  2. saw him at the Central Y!

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