Posted by: facetothewind | November 26, 2011

Oh Black Friday in a declining nation…

Well. Is a country’s moral fiber coming unraveled when a woman in a WalMart attacks shoppers waiting in line for an Xbox 360. Apparently agitated from waiting in line for the game, she pulled out her pepper spray and just like the moronic police at UC Davis, she cut loose with the spray.

Honestly, I didn’t even know what an Xbox 360 was. Now I do. So what an INCREDIBLE miracle this was for Xbox! They are undoubtedly laughing all the way to the bank about this.

And look at this. Another incident at MallWart where police bash someone they suspect of shoplifting. I didn’t think shoplifting occurred until after you left the store with merchandise. This is pathetic…


And look at this mayhem as people go nuts over $2 waffle irons:


But here is the real reason to go shopping on Black Friday: a sale on bottoms! (Thanks Tom for the photo. Steve, what is your proximity to that sign saying about you?) How could the folks in merchandising NOT know titters this gets in the gay community?



  1. Re the insanity that goes on in stores on “Black Friday,” it’s really hard to have sympathy when people act like such morons.

    Do you think this goes on in any other country in the world?? People lining up in the dead of night and then fighting and shoving each other to buy stuff? Stuff?? Stuff they probably can’t afford anyway?

    It’s not like they’re starving and are lining up for bowls of gruel. They’re just buying shit.

    Oh, but Americans are “special.” This country is “special.”

    Yeah, it’s special all right.

  2. Here’s a good example. This is over $2 waffle makers. Waffle makers. How bad do you want waffles that you’re willing to scream and fight like this? Idiots.

  3. OMG! That is so pathetic! For waffle irons?? It’s like the running of the bulls. Sport for no good reason.

    Did you see that girl’s fat ass crack? She doesn’t need to be eating waffles.

  4. How waffle! I mean awful. Seriously, the consumer culture has gorged itself into a cycle of never-ending morbid obesity.

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