Posted by: facetothewind | July 1, 2012

Rocks, Rivers & Lakes

Richard and I took a little mountainous meander through Lake Tahoe and the Yuba River. Here’s the video of the week…


We took his VW Eurovan starting in San Francisco and just wandered through the Central Valley uphill until we found either a state campsite or a “stealth” campsite where we just pulled off the road, popped the top and called it home.

His van is a luxurious a well-appointed little house on wheels complete with sleeping loft, stove, fridge, central heating and solar power. We got 10 movies from the library and after dinner we ate popcorn in bed while watching the evening’s feature.

The Nevada side of Lake Tahoe is spectacular. The California side is painfully populated and developed. Here’s Secret Cove beach — a spectacularly beautiful spot for a day at the beach. It looks a bit like the Caribbean with conifers and, alas, frigid waters. The water is so cold there are signs warning you not to even attempt swimming without a life jacket as you will lose your breathing control and muscle control within 10 minutes and sink 1,645 feet to your death. Umm, OK, I won’t. I did jump in for a bath but I ran screaming back to the shore.

From Tahoe we went on to the stunningly beautiful Yuba River near Nevada City, CA. It’s like a giant, natural water park with naked people! Can’t get better than that. The water was about 78 degrees, about 30 degrees warmer than Tahoe. So we could actually play in the water, slide down rocks, take rides on the gentle cascades and sun our buns on the rocks afterward. Pure heaven!

Here’s a little photo meditation of the trip. Take a few minutes to relax and let it in:



  1. loved the BW pics esp the one of the water/white rapids. SWEET

  2. OK…. I love the pine cone in BW AND color and the one of the…. dandylion is it? which is STUNNING!

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