Posted by: facetothewind | July 18, 2012

Going Coastal

I’ve migrated away from the “oak woodlands” of Ukiah and headed toward the Mendocino coast to do a week-long design residency at Windy Hollow Farms. It was a 3 hour drive up into the coastal range where it was about 100 degrees and then down into the foggy climes of the lowlands which were a cool 58 degrees with heavy fog that was just descending into light rain.

Here’s the Point Arena lighthouse — the closest point on mainland USA to Hawaii. It’s the departure point of the trans-Pacific fiber optic cable.

Yesterday the farmers I’m staying with and their 2 kids and I went for a bike ride along the coast to see the lighthouse. It’s spectacularly beautiful — like stepping into a living, interactive version of an Edward Hopper painting. Here’s a shot from inside a business looking out at downtown Pt. Arena…

Course, not all is pretty here. I think of this as the No Hope Community church…

Stark, blustery, golden fields line the coast with blue ocean and white picket fences. Overhead seagulls and pelicans soar by.

Remarkably, the gray has not gotten my spirit down.

Jen and Ben are my hosts this week at the farm. I’ve known them for about 16 years through my work at StopWaste.Org. They own a small farm and run a flower business and farm camp from it. I’m helping them refine their website, adding photography slideshows and helping them with design collateral for their organic flower business.

I’m staying in the red cabin which is cozier than cozy! I had a fire last night and took cozy to a new level, curled up with my book.

Funny but hanging my hat in this little 120 square foot cabin, all by myself in the middle of a coastal prairie I once walked when it was raw land, I found myself completely at home, deeply content, missing to my great surprise, nothing at all.

Today’s weather forecast is for heavy fog. Maybe I am missing something: the sun.



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