Posted by: facetothewind | August 8, 2012

Kickstart this

Life is just too short to not ask for what you want, isn’t it? If you knew that you only had 6 months to live, wouldn’t you take that hot air balloon ride, go scuba diving in Zanzibar, order that extra piece of chocolate pie? Sure you would. I HOPE you would.

Well, with everyone “Kickstarting” their projects these days, I figure it’s OK for me to ask for what I want. And what I am asking for is the camera you see above. Are you drooling yet? I know I am. It is not often that a piece of technology comes out that gives me goosebumps, that makes my hair stand up. But I just heard about this new camera that was released by Sony last month and it did just that. Oh my goodness…a lens made by Zeiss – one of the great German optical manufacturers of all time. I might even have had to change my underwear after watching the video reviews of its performance. Might.

If you’re interested in seeing the review of the camera, click here.

Yeah, OK, it’s just a piece of technology like a Steinway is just a piano. But you, loyal reader of this blog know what I can do with a camera. I can go to Burma and bring back the faces of the people you’ll never see if you don’t go there yourself. I will make films of gleeful kids learning how to milk a goat or pulling their first carrot out of the soil at the Tucson Village Farm. I will take you and 20 million readers to the middle of a lake in Germany at sunset with ducks swimming by. (Remember that photo I had in the New York Times??)  I will bring the simple joy of romance and the exuberant glow of happiness caught through the eyes of someone in love with beauty.

That is, after all, my gift to the world and to you through my blog. And it is a gift. Though my photo essays of Burma (in my humble opinion) exceeded anything I’ve seen in the New York Times, Time Magazine or National Geographic, I didn’t get paid or published which is really a function of my own inability to self-promote compounded by a down economy. Thus I find myself in the dilemma of having to ask for help.

* * *

Every few years, I am in need of a new camera and the time has come to retire my Lumix LX3 and switch brand loyalty over to Sony who has come out with this revolutionary camera that triples the size of the sensor of my current camera. A larger sensor means more jaw-dropping tonal depth, richer shadow detail, more lip-licking luscious colors. You will be delighted at the dazzling imagery I will post right here on this blog.

The camera above is no slouchy piece of equipment. And it’s no slouchy price. Weighing in at $650 + extra batteries and a case = $782.

So I’m calling all angels, those in love with beauty, those who enjoy the levity and depth, the sparkle and twinkle I add to your life with my photography to help. Would you be willing to sponsor me for $25, $50, even $100?  What will YOU get out of it? Well, since you likely live in a place far away as most of my friends do, let’s just say that the next time we’re together, I will photograph you, your loved one, your kitty, your orchid collection, to your heart’s desire at whatever level you’ll contribute. And I’ll leave it at that. I’d probably photograph you anyway, but hey, I’m a terrible fundraiser. Just play along, wouldya?

If you want to donate the whole enchilada, I’ll make a fabulous 10-minute video documentary on the subject of your choice. Could be you. Could be your dying mother, your burgeoning business. I will shoot all the video (the Sony is an excellent video cam as well), do all the editing and submit to you a wonderful mini-doc uploadable to YouTube.

You can contact me directly by filling out the form below or send me an email making me an offer. (Kickstart won’t take me b/c it’s just a camera and not a project – so if you send me an email telling me what you’d like to contribute, I’ll play Kickstart. I promise I won’t make take more money than the camera is worth.)

Thanks so much for reading thus far. I’m sure you’re exhausted with my teenage technical salivations and self-interested pleas. Yeah, me too.

And what is it that you want that you’re not asking for?


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