Posted by: facetothewind | August 18, 2012

Brown Twins separated

Photo: Mike Kepka, The Chronicle / SF

Below is an article I posted to my blog 2 years ago when I ran into the inseparable Brown twins on the street in San Francisco. Well, now they’re in trouble. One of them is sick and not allowed to return home and they’re down on their dollar. So they’re separated for the first time in decades. It’s a sad story. You can read about them by clicking here. And you can donate to help them out if you care to by clicking here on the Jewish Family and Children’s services.

* * *

There they are again wearing the same outfits stained with foundation makeup that they were when I saw them 3 years ago. They’re sporting that same gleeful smile (and me with the I-just-met-a-celebrity-shit-eating-grin) and generosity of spirit. I approached the duo who stand about 4 feet tall (each) and called them by name and asked if I could take my picture with them. They both stopped their climb up Powell Street and cheerfully agreed without ever dropping their linked arms.

They asked me where I was from and welcomed me to San Francisco while I fished for my camera. “Oh I’ll bet it’s over 100 in Arizona, isn’t? Well, you better hurry up because we’re freezing,” one of them said in an Ethel Mermon sort of voice. They seem to delight in being the focus of so much attention. Southwest Airlines (buy one get one free), Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum and a local bank have all used them in their ad campaigns. Restaurants put them in the front window for maximum tourist attraction. This time other tourists stood by too shy to approach them, or was it that they were simply not sure what to make of the twin 84 year olds who seem both cute and creepy? I think they’re delightful and as San Francisco as the Transamerica Pyramid itself.

Click on this link to see a little bit more about the Brown Twins.



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