Posted by: facetothewind | August 21, 2012

Remembering Remy

It has been a big year of deaths. Whitney, Donna, Gore, Marvin, Phyllis, Remy and David.

Here’s a little video of an old friend: Remy Charlip. I sadly lost touch with him when I moved to Tucson. We used to be buddies in SF when I lived there, going to the pools for swims or just out goofing around. I was always delighted by his elegance. He was both quiet, contemplative and yet he never missed a thing. He was witty, quietly demanding, professorial, accessible, articulate, nutty, cynical, hopeful (yes) and encouraging. He used to be a terrible backseat (or passenger seat) driver. I preferred to go walking and swimming with him. Tooling about with Remy was especially fun as he had an entire lifetime of creative contribution to the art world(s) and so doors opened for him wherever he went. I’m really sorry I missed out on his last years. Remy died last week at age 83, a kindred spirit and inspiration for all gentle souls who live to create…

Then one of my heroes whom I never met died…David Rackoff. My patron saint of pessimism. Awww, come on, really? Did he have to die so young? Jeez. He expresses for me many of my own feelings on melancholy…

Wow! What a year of death. If you’re thinking I’m dwelling on the negative or that reading my blog bums your trip, please see the above David Rackoff video.



  1. funny, the note she chooses to end on is an up note, a positive, and not how he practiced or thought life was. Do you think if he had a different outlook on life – less pessimistic – that he would not have succumbed to cancer or even gotten it? ah the magic if…..

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