Posted by: facetothewind | August 27, 2012

Seen one, seen ’em all

What makes a Central California coastal town?

If you’ve every driven the coast of California you’ll notice that all the little beach towns start to run together. Pismo, Avila, Cayucos, etc. They all have the following in common:

An exit off Highway 1.

A slightly tacky downtown along the water that has antique stores, some Harley Davidsons, a fish-n-chips place.

A frosty cold ocean and a painfully foggy beach strewn with seaweed that makes you wonder where the hell Baywatch was filmed.

A place where you can jump to your death when you become irretrievably depressed from the fog and grey. I know it’s not so high that you would die from impact with the ocean but the Great White sharks that ply the waters would eat you if you didn’t die of hypothermia. Or you would die of hypothermia and THEN the sharks would eat you.

A parking lot of a tacky motel patrolled by seagulls looking for remnants from your fish-n-chips dinner.

Lots of restaurants that are closed on weekdays.

A shell shop with shells from China and disabled persons in front of them.

Conservative Christians.

Homes for conservative Christians.

I am ready to be back in Arizona if for no other reason than I want to see something in color. And of course there are no sharks, no fog, and no one would ever die of hypothermia. Homeward bound Friday.



  1. I like description of the pier where one can take the plunge when the grey gets to be too much. 🙂 It is horribly grey there, isn’t it? I remember the feeling of it being desolate.

    The woman in front of the Shell shop could almost look like she’s toting a large cross (the anchor). I’m sure I have some shells I bought at that shop.

    Thanks for the memories…I’m glad to never visit there again!

    Love, Dianna

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