Posted by: facetothewind | September 18, 2012

Jason Brock goes viral

So if you haven’t seen this, check it out. My friend Jason, whom honestly I haven’t seen in a few years, just hit the jackpot. He used to live in Tucson and would come to perform at my house for my piano parties…back in the day. So he moved away from Tucson like all people do eventually and went to San Francisco to pursue love just as he had when he moved to Tucson. He was always a fabulous singer, someone who we knew would be famous one day. He was born famous, or as Alex says, he sings like he just swallowed a gospel singer. Here is his nationally televised audition on the X Factor:

And here he is in 2008 at my piano singing the same song and some others with Namoli Brennet, Julie Nicolay and then with Patrick Brown at the piano – another gospelly boy who ought to be famous…

We’re all wishing Jason the best of luck on the show! We’re watching and no matter what happens on the show, you’ll always be fabulous to us.


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