Posted by: facetothewind | November 20, 2012

What is to love about a desert?

I spent the afternoon with Charlie in Saguaro National Park (west) at sunset capturing the beauty of the desert. The time we spent on this lovely November day reaffirmed what I find so appealing about the desert. It is intricate, stark, colorful, sharp and soft. It is expansive and breathtaking.

When I tell people I live in Arizona, they often scowl at the whacked politics of this red state (understandably) and/or they say, “Eeeew, the desert. It’s dead. It’s ugly. Where’s the green? Where’s the water?” I am a person who is highly stimulated by beauty and I choose to live here in Tucson. Let me show you just how I can stand to live in the desert…

Enjoy the slideshow by clicking on an image and then your right arrow.



  1. David, the photos are so etherial, and shows a truly divine spirit is with us. Maybe it’s you? Do you still have company? How was your Thanksgiving. Let’s try to get together next week if possible. Much love and affection,

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