Posted by: facetothewind | November 27, 2012

Photo Friendship

I’ve known Charlie Seltzer forever. Well, almost forever. At least since 1995 back when he was a massage therapist in San Francisco and I was growing my design business. Our connection then was music. Now here in the southwest, a place unimaginable to me 15 years ago, we continue our friendship peering through our camera lenses.

When I met Charlie in San Francisco, he was a very accomplished musician — a bit intimidating to me as a decidedly amateur musician. Now Charlie is fairly new to photography and of course everyone who knows me, knows that I grew up with a camera in my hands. I could practically shoot pictures before I could ride a bicycle. So sharing some of my ideas with Charlie is great fun and it’s gratifying to see him growing and expanding his visual skills. Plus, he helps me understand some of the technology — and we’re both using identical cameras: the stunningly agile Sony RX100.

This evening we went out chasing the full moon rise over the desert here in Tucson. We landed at the Tucson Mountain Park which towers over Saguaron National Park West.

Two friends addicted to capturing beautiful moments and places. We spend our evenings editing and tweaking the day’s catch…

Here are some of my results from this evening. Click on a photo and then hit the right arrow…


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