Posted by: facetothewind | February 20, 2013

Sing Big


My big accomplishment of late has been singing the Verdi Requiem with the Tucson Symphony. We only had 6 rehearsals before we met with the orchestra and then had 3 more with them. The soloists were spectacular. We performed to over 4,000 people over 2 days. Here’s a little sound recording I made from the risers. The quality is not great b/c I’m in the risers and you hear a lot of Gary, the bass singer next to me. You can also hear one of the spectacular soloists from the Met they brought in: Amber Wagner, soprano. You can also hear what a fabulously bombastic piece it is and you can hear the crowd giving us a 3.5 minute standing ovation.  🙂


Here’s a shot that I just have to post because the Tucson Music Hall is about the ugliest, dumpiest building I’ve ever been in and this is what the dressing rooms look like. Untouched since the 70s.


Here’s my post performance glow face with Gail next to me.



  1. Yeesh. That Music Hall dressing room really does look as if Dante was resurrected, then dressed up in polyester elephant bells and re-designed one of the lower circles of hell in a festive 70s style. But not the lowest circle: I’m sure the Arena (or whatever they’re calling the aircraft-hanger/warehouse next door these days) must have facilities that are even worse. To think that entire picturesque neighborhoods were bull-dozed back in the day to make room for these concrete excrescences. And to think we all thought this was “progress” back then!

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