Posted by: facetothewind | March 1, 2013

A Night of Coincidence

Last night I was at the annual open house for the Technicians for Sustainability here in Tucson. I was chatting with someone about the fact that the Pope had just surrendered her red slippers for brown ones upon abdicated the throne. pope red shoesThis conversation then dovetailed into the Wizard of Oz and ruby slippers — a subject near and dear to me as I do believe the WofO is the best film EVER and contains all the wisdom one needs to know in life. This amused Duncan Hudson with whom I was chatting. He told me something shocking: that L. Frank Baum had Judy, I mean Dorothy, wearing silver slippers, not ruby ones in his original book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. But when MGM made the film and it transitioned from black and white to color, they needed pumps that popped! So they took artistic license with the original novel and clad Dorothy in ruby red sequined shoes, not bland silver. History was made and hearts were won forever.

So I asked Duncan how he knew this fascinating factoid and he said, “My great, great grandfather was L. Frank Baum.” No shit. I nearly peed my pants, to mix my excretory metaphors. I hadn’t felt this close to royalty since I met Lorna Luft (Judy Garland’s daughter) at a party in Los Angeles. So I had to get a picture with me. Here he is, the great, great grandson of the late great L. Frank Baum…

L Frank Baum great great grandson

L. Frank Baum’s great, great grandson. I can definitely see the resemblance.

THEN…don’t ya just know it, golly I was on a roll! The very next guy I talked to at the TFS party was a guy who claimed to be descendant from Pope Julius (who dutifully wore his papal red slippers no doubt). Here he is and goshdernit, I could see the resemblance too…

Pope Julius

Random guy at party and his forebear Pope Julius.

What a night of coincidence and all based on red slippers!



  1. WOW. All I can add to the drama is that ruby is my birthstone. That’s very cool. Maybe you ought to read the original Baum series…you will find other alterations that you may find add depth to the brilliance of WofO – you may be delighted. Do the ruby slippers for the Pope represent….the blood of Christ?

  2. Adorable! (The ruby slippers story has actually been written about quite a bit.)

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