Posted by: facetothewind | May 16, 2013

Golden Bay


Steve and I took a trip on a little 4-seater plane to Golden Bay, NZ last weekend, perhaps catching the last bit of sunny weather for the season. It’s now decidedly gray and drippy. Winter has arrived while Americans are all planning their Memorial Day barbecues. Anyway, that’s me in front of the Piper Saratoga which felt like we were flying in a kite as it drifted left and right and up and down in the high Wellington winds. We took off into the wind and the plane was up in the air within, no kidding, 100 feet. On the way there I got to sit next to the pilot and watch all the gauges and dials. Very fun.


Now at sea level…Golden Bay is a spectacularly beautiful spot on the planet with gorgeous sandy beaches that reminded me of the beach scene in the movie Contact where Jodie Foster meets her father…


This beach is Goat Bay in Abel Tasman national park. The water was freezing but the air warm. We did go in and as you can see, there was not a soul around to witness it. We had the beach entirely to ourselves. There were teeny biting flies all over us that left marks on our bodies, so don’t salivate too much. Here’s the aerial view from the plane on the way home.


Here you can watch the video of the weekend:

Here are a couple panoramas from the trip. Please click on the image to enlarge it to its full width:


Click to enlarge panorama.


Click to enlarge panorama.

And from the “You Don’t See That Everyday in America” department, this traffic sign from Wellington…


I have yet to see a penguin holding up traffic but if I do, you’ll be the first to know.


  1. Beautiful pix! Can’t wait to show the panoramic ones to Tim. He’s always wanted to go to New Zealand. I would love to, too, but as you know, I refuse to fly in/from the U.S. anymore because of the paranoid, hysterical “security” procedures. Let’s face it — the U.S. a police state. People who refuse to acknowledge that are delusional.

    I write from la belle ville de Paris — and no, folks, I didn’t fly here. I took the beyond-fabulous QM2 from New York to Southampton, sailing the seas for 7 glorious days, then flew from Southampton to Rennes in the heart of Brittany — no insane security procedures at the UK airport — then after a week in Brittany & Normandy, we took the train to Paris. We’ll be flying home next week.

    Again, the airport security here is nothing like that in the land of the United Sheeple of America.

  2. Great photos! I like the way you described your plane: kite!

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