Posted by: facetothewind | June 8, 2013

Parting Glances New Zealand


Click panorama to enlarge.

Well, I’m saying goodbye to New Zealand a bit ahead of schedule. The divorce drama kind of kicked my butt and so I’m heading to Thailand a little early. My final thoughts on Wellington: Great city. Wonderful people, terrific culture. The downside is that it’s cold in the winter – hey it happens – but the interiors are rarely ever warm and so I’m cold nearly all the time. But I have met some great people here, had a little romance (wehoo!) and feel strongly that I will come back in the summer and when thing settle down with my friends. My trip finished up with the Wellington Jazz Festival which was super wonderful…swing dancing and pop up jazz concerts all along Cuba Street…


Here’s a super rough cut video compilation of my last couple of weeks in New Zealand. My apologies for iMovie’s crap coding that caused a title to linger and also a clip to rotate. It took 5 hours to render it so I’m not going to re-do it. Anyway, this will give you a taste of the last part of my trip here.

Here are couple more shots of the barefoot culture here. It’s not that I mind bare feet in a restaurant or grocery store, it’s that it’s 47 degrees and rainy. Kiwis are pretty tough. They walk around like it’s Miami Beach in the dead of the winter.




It had to happen. I met a lovely guy 3 weeks before my departure date. Meeting and getting to know Yee has been probably the most delightful part of this trip. He offered warm respite from the coldness of the S&P divorce.

IMG_1464He’s Chinese and a bit shy, and so I am not showing any full-on shots of his face.


Bye, Yee. Thank you for the wonderful times!

Next stop Bangkok.



  1. 47 and rainy and barefoot?! Yikes! I’m totally with you. Cheers as you go off to blessed warmer climes. Thanks for the travelogue!

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