Posted by: facetothewind | June 20, 2013

Parting glances: Pai, Thailand

Here’s a quick video of my flight from Chiang Mai to Pai and then a tour of Ing Doi guesthouse, some time hanging out with Pansa (who is the son of the owners of Ing Doi) and a little tour around downtown Pai…


I leave tomorrow. Next stop: Chiang Mai.



  1. Great to see Pai again. Nic got sooo sick on the bus rid e– maybe next time we can fly. I found the film a bit long (there’s no way to skip through it as you do with my text!) but I liked some parts a lot, viz., the little boy skip-hopping up the path, the lovely cow and her baby, the ducks. Oh and the exquisite rain.
    Now, I have a favor to ask. There is something I once got at the Bangkok Airport aht I have never been able to find elsewhere, nor onlline. It was some of that powder you mentioned earlier, or at least, it was a kind of talcum powder. It was sold in the BOOTS chemist (drugstore)in Bangkok Airport, and it had some MINT in it, and it was made I think someplace in Indonesia. That’s all the information I still have on it. If you get time, and if you go in tere, and if you see some powder with mint, and if you have room, I’d be so happy if you got me a small container. xxx G

  2. David, Nice to see some great scenes from your perspective. What happened to photos of tourists making funny poses on walking street? D.

  3. Thanks for the updates, David. I was in Pai 25 years ago- fresh out of high school and riding dirt bikes. A bad combination that left my friend in Pai’s hospital for a few nights. A lot has changed in that time, including the ability to fly in and out! All the best in your continued adventures!

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