Posted by: facetothewind | July 7, 2013

Return to Pai


Took the little 12-seater plane from Chiang Mai back to Pai, Thailand to recuperate from Myanmar in this sweet rural village.


Jake and little Pansa picked me up on the motorcycle. As soon as I stepped off the tiny plane I heard Pansa yell, “Hi David!” Sometimes kids just break your heart because they’re not afraid to do things like yell your name out if they feel gleeful. And they ARE gleeful. I can’t believe all 3 of us and my luggage fit on this small motorbike, but we did. Notice my prize noise cancellation headphones…well my cord was hanging down and got caught in the wheel and ripped the end off. Grrrr.


Back to the thatched roof bungalows in the rice paddies near Ing Doi guesthouse. The thatched roof leaks a few drops in the rain and then it seals itself up as it expands.


Watching the rice farmers slowly moving about their fields like chess pieces on a big green board.

It’s too hot to be comfortable during the middle of the day. So I lay low in the shade slapping on the camphor powder liberally, trying not to move and hoping for a monsoon. They seem to be coming reliably every afternoon at 3:30. It drops the temperature to a super-pleasant level and then I can get up and move again…


Monsoons brewing. Cool is on the way.

…which means doing something like going into town on the bike for banana pancakes with chocolate sauce for 75 cents or taking Pansa to the pool so he can scream in my ear while getting a whale ride on my back. It’s comforting here with Dianna’s family.


Mink’s cooking and Jake’s baking are incredible. Jake made the best focaccia I have ever had. It literally melts in your mouth. And Mink’s Spanish omelett with all kinds of veggies and lightly browned cheese on top, OMG, it’s worth the journey to Pai. Dianna’s famous lentil soup is soothing and comforting at the farmer’s market they host on Sundays. Their friend brings chocolate balls and rum raisin cake and herbal whiskey. Lord! I’ve put on some weight that I’m not too happy about. 


Will have to get back into shape when I return to the States which is July 29 on EVA Airlines (which has an unblemished safety record, thank you very much). I’m heading to San Francisco for a couple weeks with Jean in Marin and then Charlie and Lark on the ranch in Ukiah. Will try to get to Esalen and then may take the train back to Tucson or fly at the end of August.



  1. what a life, David…once again your keen eye, sense of irony and the absurd and your sweet heart shine through…I love going on your adventures with you, via your art! sending love.

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