Posted by: facetothewind | July 11, 2013

It’s the Wacky Asia Roundup.


The teacup cowboy staff at the Baan Pai steak house in Pai, Thailand.

As I’m winding up my tour through Asia, it’s time to unload all the hilarious and goofy Asian observations. (I threw in a couple classics from a previous trip, too.) Some may think I’m making fun of Asians and their culture. Of course I am! We all have to be able to see the absurd in our lives even if someone else has to point it out. I’m sure there are plenty of websites about dumb Americans. One thing about the Asian abuse of English—you gotta give them credit for being so ballsy to not ask for help with all these English speakers running around who would surely help them figure out some of the odd twists of the language. But my, oh my, having a “farang” check your spelling does not seem to be at all part of the Thai culture, and thank the Buddha because we get a good guffaw out of the deal.

You can click on an image and then use the slider arrows on either side…



  1. I laughed very loudly at several of these and your funny comments. Love the “Bar & Bar” (who needs a restaurant or grill?). Had a little trouble with the slideshow, though: too fast, not really pause-able. I would prefer a static series of images. Just saying.

  2. Very fun, David. I think you photographed and posted these with a lot of love. Xoxoxoxoxo jean

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