Posted by: facetothewind | July 14, 2013

Muddy mosaics of rice

Click to enlarge or visit my Flickr site to see in high resolution.

Visit my Flickr site to see the best photos in high resolution.

It’s rice planting season in northern Thailand. I’ve sat mesmerized by the rice farmers moving about the fields in slow motion in rubber boots, in the rain, with their ploughs putt-putting through the mud. Finally I just had to get out there and walk about the soggy quilted plots and try to capture the beauty of this ancient agri-business. I even got invited to eat some eels and drink Thai whiskey with the farmers in a hut in the middle of the field. I drank the rice whiskey but passed on the eels that I watched squirming in a basket before being thrown into the boiling pot of curry.

Anyway, here’s the pickings from Pai. You can click to enlarge and then use the right arrow to move through the images…

For some of you photographers, this is the first time I’ve used the HDR (high dynamic range) feature on my SONY RX-100. I’m not entirely sold on them, but some people really like the surrealist effect it gives. Tell me what you think.



  1. David! Oh my God! That first image is absolutely fantastic. The light!!! The color! I’m not a photog and don’t udnerstand what HDR is, and don’t want to, but these are maybe the best ever from you in my view — and as you know, I think they’re all pretty great. I understand LONELY PLANET has a bank of professional photographers’ work, and they will buy from people for that bank. You probably know better than I how that works. Suggest you try them or a similar “bank” for travel books. Amazing work!!!!

  2. Holy shit. They look like paintings. Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Thanks for your comments and praise. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Yeah, it’s a beautiful muddy mosaic out there. I found it mesmerizing, actually.

  4. Hi David. Images are stunning in HD. Wish you’d give a course on editing. Your videos are getting better and better.

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