Posted by: facetothewind | September 7, 2013

Tailoring in Thailand

Finally I have finished my multimedia presentation on tailoring in Thailand. Please have a look and pass it around to anyone who is interested in textiles and fashion design:


I have made it back to Tucson. We’re still in the middle of monsoon season so the normally dry rivers are flowing after rains, the nights are almost cool enough to call refreshing, the days a little too hot to call pleasant. In fact, it’s a bit like Thailand in the summer. I find myself opening up the Snake Brand cooling menthol powders and sprinkling it all over my body and thinking of those sweltering days in Pai, Thailand.

photo 5

photo 4

I’ve launched into home enhancement projects like replacing a 27 year old dishwasher myself with one I got on Craig’s List for $50! After months of eating fabulous Thai food, I’m back to cooking my own. Here’s a grilled chicken on focaccia with pesto, tomato, SunOven roasted eggplant and arugula on top…

photo 3

Pack rats ate my bicycle. Grrrrrr. Had to get a grip (Ba-bump) and got the traps out. I’ve got it handled now. (Ta-ching.)

photo 2

And now for something completely different! One thing I miss when traveling is making music so I am taking up the clarinet. I’ve never played one before but I’m fascinated by the sound and the nostalgia for Benny Goodman, Woody Allen, Artie Shaw, the jazz era, New Orleans and Klezmer. So I hired an extremely cute teacher and off we go. I can play a couple scales and a little bit of Over the Rainbow already. But jeez, I feel like I’m going to give myself a hernia blowing into that thing. Singing is so much easier after the clarinet.

photo 1

So I guess it’s good to be home. I am thinking about my next trip. Where to go and when? I have to get to Europe next summer, possibly Croatia. But probably back to Asia this winter. For now it’s working on my embouchure and tending to my cactus garden.



  1. David, gorgeous!!

    I wish my father were still around. He was a tailor, and an impeccable one. He would’ve so appreciated this.

  2. Great work here, David and such fun to travel along with you! xo

  3. “Tailoring in in Thailand” (delete one “in”). Otherwise, beautiful and funny video! Thanks!

  4. Of course, I loved your tailored tailoring piece, David. I appreciated having seen the Before video version and then the finished piece with its narrative, music and special graphics. And I also enjoyed having made personal acquaintance of the beautiful shirts themselves. Well done!

    And then I was interested to read that you¹ve got rain, had got rats, and have bought a clarinet! I love how you embrace life and are committed to making it fun and livable. You¹re a great role model for me.

    Love, Jean xoxoxoxoxo

    on 9/7/13 10:35 AM, Field notes from a noticer

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