Posted by: facetothewind | November 11, 2013

Have a good day…

I try not to post stuff that isn’t my own, but this really touched me. Get past the slightly boring speaker’s intro and lateral lisp to his film about gratitude for each day as a gift. (God am I getting sentimental in my old age or what?) Jeesuz, I cried through most of this, partly because of the beauty and wisdom in the words of the filmmaker’s brother, but also over the regret for having missed so much of each day of my life. I’ve spent so much of my time being busy or sad or irritated about what I’ve lost or can’t have or can’t do by virtue of my limitations and circumstances. But I was also touched because I get it on a deep level and even though I’m often hating on stuff, I’m experiencing it fully. And as I’m getting older, I’m definitely taking more time to just absorb the beauty of a moment, as this film preaches.

When I meet you my eyes may be darting or looking at your feet but I am noticing you and your face in a glance, and the smell and the beauty and ugliness. I’m not grateful for all of it, but I’m aware of all of it. And this is why I travel, honestly. I love seeing faces, sunsets, fog, oceans, deserts, forests, crazy things, interesting people in foreign lands. Every walk out the hotel door is a feast of faces in Asia.

So I see this film as a little benediction, a blessing — someone cracking a bottle of champagne over my bow as I shove off on yet another 3-month journey into this fascinating world we live in.

Anyway, give it a shot and see what you think. See if it touches you. And if it doesn’t, know that not being touched is also part of life and your unique take on it. You are unique, like everyone else. ~ wink



  1. I’m already teary-eyed and I haven’t even watched the video yet! You have such a remarkable way of touching people–me, anyway–with your words.

    On a more mundane note, I talked to J&M today; they do have your reservation but cannot guarantee the bungalow (#1) that you want as it is one of the larger ones they like to have for two people. The smaller ones across the duck pond have the advantages of more beautiful views from the balcony and no stairs down to the bathroom/shower. Should I try to nudge them to change their stance?

    Just saw Cher on t.v. She is 67, wears a mini-skirt that barely covers her privates, jet-black hair as always, and fabulous voice.

    Mostly, I am searching on-line for rentals in CM.

    Hugs, Dianna

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