Posted by: facetothewind | December 18, 2013

For those traveling to Thailand for my birthday…


I’m really thrilled that some very special people are coming to my 50th birthday in Pai, Thailand. So here’s a little travel information for those of you who are making the trek:

Dates to remember:

  • January 13-27, I will be in Chiang Mai at the Triple Palms House. (Before that I’ll be in Kuala Lumpur.)
  • January 27, I am flying to Pai and will stay at Ing Doi guesthouse.
  • February 5, my actual birthday and the party date.
  • February 6, I leave Pai by flight to Chiang Mai and then immediately fly to Bangkok for a couple nights at the Malaysia Hotel.
  • February 7, a little “after party” at Babylon?
  • February 8, I leave Bangkok for the States in the morning on KoreanAir.

Some links for travel planning:

Ing Doi guesthouse in Pai. Make your bungalow reservations now by emailing Jake.
Kan Air The plane holds only 12 people so reserve ASAP! If you are having trouble making the reservation (their website sucks) you can try calling them directly at: 02 551 6116
Triple Palms Hotel in Chiang Mai (about $25 USD a night)

Some notes:

You can take a minibus from Chiang Mai to Pai and back, but there 762 hairpin turns that may render you into the undignified vomiting farang. There’s nothing more humbling than being in a bus for 3 hours with a lapful of tourist barf. Who needs that? Splurge for the flight OR make sure you take Dramamine before you get on the minibus. By the way, the pilots on Kan Air are really cute, it takes only 20 minutes, and you get a great view of both Chiang Mai and the hills around Pai.

If you are in Chiang Mai and you want the bus to Pai, ask any tuk tuk driver to take you to Arcade Bus Station and then just show up and book a bus. They leave frequently and are only about $3 USD. But avoid taking the AYA bus. Dianna recommends the public bus – it’s a little bit slower but not that much slower. More sane.

It is likely going to be cold at night so bring a jacket, cap and some sweaters and a flashlight for late night walks home from town.

Pai has pretty much all you need. ATMs are abundant. Ing Doi has wireless.

My Thai phone is: 094-184-0292 and I am on the texting app called LINE at: davidinthailand




  1. Oh, if only! Please send more details and a large check to cover my expenses (including parental care in my absence). I just LOVE that photo of your shadow. And you.

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