Posted by: facetothewind | January 6, 2014

Tu Much Fun!

Was feeling a bit lonely tonight here in Chiang Mai so decided to go down and bug Tu, the tailor. She’s been sick and is weeks behind on sewing my spring collection. That’s a bit of a lofty way of saying she’s making some beautiful floral shirts for me.


My arrival on her doorstep meant that she had to finish the projects she’s been lagging on. I watched her masterfully stitch on a whole set of buttons in minutes without ever poking herself. She did manage to poke ME, though while fitting me. She told me she was hungry and wanted pizza. So I went and got us two pizzas at that great pizza place I mentioned earlier in the blog.


I zipped back on my bike with hot pizzas wrapped in a sweater and she was well on her way to finishing my projects. The thought of pizza had prompted her into action. Most Thai people won’t touch pizza, but somehow Tu has a fondness for it.


Above is a Japanese cotton floral shirt that I’m in love with. Below is a black polished cotton shirt with cartoony paisley accents and red buttons. It’s gorgeous. Stylish and elegant.


She also darted a lovely Japanese botanical linen short sleeve shirt and made a nice pair of seersucker shorts that go with all of the above. We sat and chatted with a friend of hers who speaks English and translated. What a great evening transformed and I came home with my entire new wardrobe in my basket.


Funny but the other day I was cycling back from the fabric market and at a crosswalk a farang says, “Excuse me, what is your name?” I thought maybe it was some sort of scam but I said, “David.” And he extended his hand and shook mine and said, “I’m Vergard. I wrote to you about tailoring.” He had seen my tailoring video back in Norway and was determined to make his own clothes when he got to Thailand. He had just come from the Wararot fabric stores with linen and buttons. He recognized my shirt, hat and bicycle from the video. I was thrilled!


Someone had actually watched it and was benefitting from it. He offered to take me out to dinner, a really kind gesture. I obliged and we chatted about fabric, buttons and his being a lumberjack and fisherman in Norway. See, even something as effete as fashion design can be for straight guys, too!



  1. Love your new additions to your wardrobe! D.

  2. I loved that someone from Norway recognized you from your blog post. How fun is that!!

    And the new shirts rock.


  3. True on both fronts: great new spring collection and what a small world this is becoming — truly. I don’t know if that is super cool, or somewhat frightening.

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