Posted by: facetothewind | January 14, 2014

Finally the Pai video

Been a little behind in v-blogging. Here’s the video of New Year’s in Pai. You’ll see my new Austrian friend Derrick in the video. And the little orange dots in the sky during the fireworks are all flying lanterns. At the end there’s a drag show in Chiang Mai and some American with very long fingers who was wandering the streets playing love songs on the ukulele. I heard him for several nights from my hotel just walking loops around the block singing. My heart went out to him and then one day I just walked with him for a while and he sang a song that seemed so apropos to me and my search for love. I adore these precious moments and these magical people when traveling. He and the boys singing about the fox at the night market…this is why I travel:

Can anyone identify that song?

And here’s a little video Sebastian and I made together 3 years ago. It has sadly only gotten 38 hits. I think it deserves a few more, so I’m posting it. This was a fun video project he and I worked on together during our first trip to Asia. Brings back lots of great memories of a creative partnership that I cherished so much…



  1. According to the Google, there isn’t a song that includes the lyric “If the sun don’t find a way to shine, I’ll keep missing my chance at love”. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it may just be something he wrote.

  2. Thanks for the Pai video and the rerun of video made by you and Seb. Did you go down the Mekong with Seb? I agree, it deserves more exposure!

    I loved them both. Unfortunately, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but cannot sign on to WordPress.


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