Posted by: facetothewind | January 30, 2014

Kevin, G, and Me

Another long lost friend came to celebrate my birthday (well, a little early). Kevin Horton, my neighbor in Hawaii whom I really didn’t get to know much until the last minute when I had already decided to abandon ship. I felt bad because I felt we had a nice connection and was honored that he came all this way to see me. Actually he and his wife are staying in the Thai islands and so it wasn’t like coming from Hawaii. Anyway, he and another good friend G Schulz from Santa Cruz flew with me to Pai for their first visit here. We rented motorbikes and tore up the countryside. Here’s a little video of the 2 days…

And here’s a photo mosaic of 2 fun and wild days zipping around the greater Pai area…


Was sorry to see Kevin go. G is still here and we’re gearing up for the arrival of a bunch of other friends and a special guest appearance from a most beloved in the next few days. It’s all very exciting for me…and of course I’m losing sleep over it. Been waking up at 3 am with mild anxiety “visitations.” Will everyone be happy here? Will they have the bungalow they want? Will they find the place? Who’s gonna cater the birthday? How will it be for me seeing some folks I’ve not seen in years? How will it be after it’s all over?

Oy vey. It’s hard being neurotic. Back to the present! I’m in a beautiful place with lovely people and I’m happy. Happy to have made it to the half-century mark with such good fortune and health. For that I’m grateful!



  1. Looks like you had a great time. Wish I could join you!

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