Posted by: facetothewind | March 1, 2014

Time again for the Wacky Asian Roundup!

Chinese fashion

Chinese fashion at its best.

Oh those whacky Asians! Here’s two months’ worth of Ingrish-isms…



  1. Come on, David. You can find just as many incorrect spellings, examples of bad grammar, and weird, unintentional double entendres in the U.S., by native English speakers.

    I love the little stagecoach-with-wheels purse.

    • Haha! True. But over there it’s EXOTIC. And I doubt anyone here would write a book called Cooking with Poo.

  2. Tintin as we’ve never seen before! 555!

  3. I loved these photos–what a riot! How much for a ticket to tomorrow? Love, D.

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