Posted by: facetothewind | March 18, 2014

This and That. Here and There.

Been back in the States for a little over a month and I long to be on the road again. But here’s the news in photos and little text bits. Been back at the Tucson house with lots of little things to fix and a mountain of paperwork and nonsense with forced acquisition of health insurance. But I hit the ground running…well, pedaling…


I feel like I forgot to cook. So Amrit and I went food shopping. This is just so Arizona, isn’t it…


This is the view from my office as I sat on the phone with the “Marketplace” for insurance and Wells Fargo Bank and Blue Cross/Blue Shield for hours, days, weeks.


But, “Zip zip, ah!” my favorite sounds. Zipping up the suitcase and heading for the door. Off to California for a work/fun trip. Welcome back to California…


Saw this guy in the San Diego airport. Loved his shirt and flagged him down for a photo…


Got to San Jose and Ruey was an hour and a half late to get me at the airport. That’s just soooo California, isn’t it? Anyway I arrived with my luggage and all this time to kill and saw a piano in the baggage claim area of the airport. The music was open to a John Field nocturne I happen to know and love. So I sat down and played for a long time. I played Chopin and Mendelsohn. Was delightful and distracted me from how grumpy I was about my friend’s tardiness.


Onward to Esalen…Spent a week there with January working on a multimedia project for her. As always, Esalen is just beyond beyond. If you died and went to heaven, I think it would look a lot like Esalen…

David Gilmore Esalen

The hummingbird moths, monarchs, and dolphins were there in force. Here’s the video:

Here’s the fabulously open-hearted January looking like Joni Mitchell…


There’s been so little rain this year, so the skies were blue and the sun warm.


The food was good whereas often it’s excellent, but someone was missing the mark in the kitchen this time with things like pizza with white beans…

Esalen food

Alas, heaven has a price tag. Oooh baby, check that out…


And photographing signs at Esalen is almost as much fun as photographing Ingrish signs in Asia. Here are a few I found this trip…


Dunno. Paper sign on a space heater. I’m thinking “You are burned by an unending fire…”


Ok, if you go into shock, don’t say you weren’t warned…


Onward from paradise to Marin County to help prepare for Jean’s big 70th birthday bash. Here she is receiving her father’s limerick. At 93, he sure could knock out a good one. The party was amazing with a vast array of fabulous food and champagne fitting of Jean’s big transition to being YOUNG AT HEART!


And well, I’m wishing you all a happy spring from America…




  1. Beautiful video. So many butterflies and hummingbirds in one place! We have one little guy who comes to visit every summer; I put a feeder out for him, in the shade, and make sure to clean it often. We love watching him. The cats, of course, go nuts.

    But you didn’t tell us what happend with the piano-playing in the airport! Surely people came up to you, made comments, applauded, something? Or did the abusive thugs of the TSA threaten you because they had nothing better to do?

  2. Thanks for once again offering your insightful comments and gorgeous photography. Loved the photo of your desert plants, southwestern colors. I, too, wonder that you weren’t mobbed by people appreciative of your piano playing. Nice to see blue skies and clear air while I am immersed in the smog of Pai…

  3. As so often, David, with your blog, I loved the photos as much as the text. Especially the “City” one and the view from the plane welcoming you back to California. Oh, and the Esalen signs…I can’t even watch the video right now, as I’d cry (more) from jealousy. But thanks for sending it and for loving Esalen.

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    *Live dancing girls at the blog! : *

    On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 2:05 PM, Field notes from a noticer wrote:

    > facetothewind posted: ” Been back in the States for a > little over a month and I long to be on the road again. But here’s the news > in photos and little text bits. Been back at the Tucson house with lots of > litt”

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