Posted by: facetothewind | April 6, 2014

A touching commercial that kind of says it all

I know it’s a life insurance company ad but I really loved this message and it reminds me why I go to Asia. This simple philosophy of doing good deeds is actually a way of life in Thailand. I know I complain about the Thai people being flimsy but they do live by the credo that you do simple little good things and it comes back to you in ways you can’t imagine. You may not get rich or famous or laid, but your life is richer. Watch the video:



  1. This is a tear-jerker for sure. I am humbled. I needed something as I’m fighting being depressed once again, trigger being that my whole walkway is broken up by a backhoe ordered by Mink to dredge all the ponds. Backhoe goes back and forth over my walkway to go from one pond to another. So now, instead of a lovely view of bungalows and ponds, I get a view of piles of mud and totally ruined walkway. She says she’ll have it fixed. And what year will that be? Maybe same year as I get my bathroom painted.

    BTW, Have you been to Penang, Malaysia? Deb says it’s one of her fave places.

    XOXOXO, D.

  2. Do you ever plan on going back to Tucson?

    • Hoping to visit, but probably not ever to live there again.

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