Posted by: facetothewind | April 17, 2014

Top Three Photos

I was going through my Flickr account to see which photos of mine have been getting the most hits. Thought you’d like to see the top 3. What I noticed is that the most popular photos on my Flickr account are black and white and of people, not landscapes or flowers. (CLICK EACH TO ENLARGE)


David Gilmore photography tattoo

Shot at a tattoo studio in Tucson through the window. Someone said it reminded them of the Pieta. Such flattery!


David Gilmore photography Myanmar

Shot this in Yangon, Myanmar summer of 2013. This barber gave me a haircut. I felt for him in his tiny street booth. He had that soft yet slightly vanquished look of so many Burmese in the overcrowded and filthy cities.


David Gilmore photography Singapore

This is a portrait I shot of JP, a lovely Singaporean guy I met in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He’s my age! His face is why I think Asians are spectacularly photogenic.



  1. Thanks for these photos, David–all beautiful!

    I think I forgot to congratulate you on the publication of the Fort Myers article. Have you received any feedback or reactions to it? What did your parents and brothers say? It was very honest, like you, but forgiving by the end so readers should not be too hard on you.

    Temps here still in the 100’s. I got up at 6:30 today so I could vacuum.

    Went to Edible Jazz last night with Paul the Hat and a few other guests, nice young people. I had their sushi which was very decent but pricey (80 baht) given that it was more of an appetizer than a meal. I was amazed at how crowded town was, like high season! I think the days of “low season” are over.

    I’m going to CM next week for more physical therapy and blood work.

    How are you doing?

    Love, Dianna

    • Hi Di –

      Tahnks for the comment. Sushi in Pai… I guess that¹s a first, right?

      I think the days of low season are over may very well mean the days of Pai are over for me as I find high season almost intolerable. Too bad. Well, gee, I have fond memories of it. But jeeez, Christmas and NY was just unbearable. And cold!

      Will you come visit me in KL? Or perhaps Penang? I have to go check it out. I¹m all about the Malaysia right now. I¹m sure my idealist bubble will soon meat some pointy needles. But who knows? I think it¹s a really good chance to find love there. Could make a good book if I do find it….and a good book if I don¹t.

      What are you getting blood work done for?

      I¹ve been busy finishing that horrendously bad book. It¹s done now. The pay was terrible. BUT, I figured out a way to make it more remunerative. So I¹m auditioning for some more books. Odd that I have to audition after I¹ve already done one. Makes no sense. But anyway, I can record directly into my own laptop…just have to find a VERY quiet space wherever I go…and in Asia that¹s no easy feat. But if I can get more books, the pay scale goes up by 60% (!) starting with book #5. And that could be good work for me to do while I¹m in Asia.

      Meanwhile I¹m hoping that my biggest asset comes through ­ I¹m trying to rent my big bedroom suite out. I think it¹ll rent. But you never know. I found a tenant last week and thought she was great in her interview and then she turned out to be completely inflexible and has major trust issues. So I broke it off.

      That¹s the room. What do you think?

      If I can rent it out, then I¹m good to travel and my living expenses are basically paid wherever I am.

      Did you get your mud back in the ponds where it belongs? Still hot eh? Ugh. Well, you¹re lucky you have AC ­ one fo the few in Pai. Give my hugs to Meh if you see her.

      Well, off to bed.

      Wishing you peace and a good weekend!



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  2. Tattoo photo is amazing. At first I thought it was an heroin overdose…

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