Posted by: facetothewind | May 21, 2014

Release the Black Butterflies

You know how I used to be obsessed with Rufus Wainwright’s uncanny ability to plunge into the depths of my soul with his tender songs and nasal voice? Well Rufus kind of lost his magic touch as he became ridiculously narcissistic. And so never mind Rufus, I’ve been waiting to find someone like you. First I thought Adele was it. Sort of but not quite. Then Christina Perry opened a jar of hearts but not the jar of black butterflies lodged in my heart. Finally I think a successor has been appointed Prince. Listen to Keane with his nasal tenor voice belting out this magnificent, heart-rending song to anyone who has ever longed for someone’s unattainable affection…



  1. Sad song but I can see the appeal to you. I like his voice, didn’t think it was nasal… Thanks, Dianna

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