Posted by: facetothewind | June 13, 2014

New York in 2.5 days

A fabulous and quick visit to New York with Jean before sailing. Here it is in pictures…



  1. T-minus 5 hours and counting! Actually, we’re going to get to the dock by 11. Last year they had already started boarding by then — well, not boarding exactly, but letting you drop your bags, go through security (it’s nice security, nothing like the abusive TSA), get your paperwork in order, assign you your place in line, and let you sit in the huge waiting room. Then we started actually boarding by Noon, even though the Cunard info says boarding doesn’t start till 1:30. (Will we see Wes, Tilda, et. al. in the waiting room? Or will they be secreted in via some kind of First-Class-y type area? Only time will tell . . . !)

    It’s pretty amazing that they dock, discharge passengers, clean, restock, set up, board a completely new set of passengers, and set sail again all on the same day. The crew work their asses off. They deserve all their pay and tips and then some.

    A shame it’s raining. As I told you, last year we had the most glorious, sunny, crystalline day. It was spectacular. But no matter. I’ll still be on the top deck, rain or no rain, holding my breath and cheering as the great funnel passes below the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Can’t wait!

  2. Beautiful and smiling ❤ keep enjoying your trip with sweet friends:)
    Be happy!

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