Posted by: facetothewind | June 30, 2014

Paris Revisited

Last time I was in Paris with Sebastian in 2010, he had me running nonstop from monument to museum. It was amazing and magical and we covered a lot of ground. This time I’ve taken it much slower and taken time to meet some lovely Parisians and tourists. And it’s every bit as magical and wondrous a city as it was then.


So I arrived on the Eurostar from Paris. Checked that off my bucket list…whizzing through the French countryside at nearly 200 MPH drinking champagne.


Here’s a video of a backlog of clips from New York to London, then the Eurostar train ride and then some clips of Paris. Following that are some of the pictorial highlights of the trip including a photoshoot I did with Pascal and Rasmus, my Parisian hosts (Rasmus is Swedish). Thank you to them both for the accommodation.


NEXT STOP: Slovenia and Croatia



  1. As usual David, I am quite taken by your photos…I felt an impressionistic view often, and your black and whites (beautiful men) are gorgeous. please tell Mari hello and big love from me.

  2. One of the great joys of travel is NOT rushing around from one thing to another, trying to see everything, but just taking it slow, meandering, wandering, being a flâneur, accepting whatever comes one’s way. All of this is especially true in a place like Paris.

    Gorgeous photos, as always.

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